facts of left-handed

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I was born left-handed. and during my 19 years of life, discrimination against left-handed people are still exist. :(
 The left hand was attached to the assumption 'the devil's hand' or 'damn hands'.And since young, parents have taught their children to always use the right hand to do things better.

but that's not true~

According to Scientific American, there are about 15 percent of people actively using the left hand or left-handed. The reason some people are left-handed is not entirely clear, depending on the mix of genetic and environmental factors. 

A study published in the journal Neuropsychology indicate that left-handed people process some stimuli more quickly than people who use your right hand. It also makes the left-handed people more creative. Research conducted at the Australian National University (ANU) seem to support previous studies indicating that the habit of using right or left hand are determined from the womb. 

Results showed that left-handed people more quickly and creatively because it uses both hemispheres of the brain, unlike the people who used to use his right hand which only uses the left brain. The two hemispheres of the brain actually almost the same, and mostly for processing the same information, with data passing back and forth between them, especially through the major neural pathways. However, certain tasks, such as language processing, tend to occur in one hemisphere only.For most people, language processing occurs on the left. 

For left-handed people, these tasks may occur in both hemispheres. Another specialty is the processing of sensory data, usually data collected on the right side of the body, such as the right eye, right ear, and others, will go to the left hemisphere for processing. And vice versa, the data collected in the left hemisphere will be heading the right hemisphere. This study shows that left-handed people who used to write with his left hand might have a brain that is more conducive to simultaneous or stimulation and processing in both parts of the brain.Southpaw easier to use both hemispheres of the brain to manage the stimulus, so that the entire process and faster response time. 

This also means that when one hemisphere of the brain gets overloaded and starts to slow, the other hemisphere could more easily choose to fill that void. The experts also theorize that the left-handed people are mentally better when in old age and when the brain as a whole began to wane. 

And as quoted from eHow, Monday (05/24/2010), left-handed people tend to be more athletic, has a better spatial awareness and think faster. According to a study conducted by Dr. Alan Searleman from St. Lawrence University in New York, show that lefty is capable of supporting the left side of his body for all physical activities. Southpaw also two times more skilled in problem solving and has an IQ higher than active people with the right hand. 

Some famous left-handed people like President George HW Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, Prince Charles and Prince William of England. Musician Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Paul McCartney. Scientist Isaac Newton, Marie Curie and Benjamin Franklin. Artists from Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, and historical figures Alexander the Great, Charlemagne and Julius Caesar.

So for all those lefties out there, do not be embarrassed because you are someone who is left-handed. right and left hand are the same. equally god's creation. :)

lil news about panic!at the disco

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Spencer Smith and Brandon Urie 

 according to www.altpress.com/ ,  Panic! At The Disco have finished recording their new album and hope to have it out in early 2011!!!  
click here for more details.
and here  for more picts 
can't wait for the new album.. hope it will sounds like a fever you cant sweat out^^


P!ATD and Crew in China

 on JULY 30 - AUGUST 1 they headed to China for INMUSIC FESTIVAL..
and they bring Ian Crawford and Dallon Weekes too !! <3
are they officially part of member now??

Book Review : Mr. Darcy Vampyre

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                                                       (Indonesia version)
Mr. Darcy Vampyre

This book tells the story of the continuation of the previous book: Pride and Prejudice.
"You'll never really know your spouse until you marry him."

Apparently, that's what Elizabeth felt towards a lover who is now a husband, Mr. Darcy. Before starting the honeymoon trip, she felt she was the happiest woman on earth ... until he found the darkness in her husband's face. Who would have guessed it was a handsome man turned out dark secrets, oh no ... dangerous secret that will threaten not only their marriage but also his own life. Mr. Darcy and her entire family is a vampyre who can not leave the house at sunrise and sunset. Lady Catherine de Bourgh who is known for the nature of selfish, ambitious to make Mr.Darcy as a perennial pairing vampyre his daughter, Anne. Like it or not, she should follow her husband's plan to prevent this calamity will never happen. They must find a way to escape from the curse, and from Lady Catherine who will not just give up without a fight all-out ....

I found this novel  and was so excited to read it because  it was about Mr. Darcy (and i really in love with this character!!! ), it  was about him being a vampire and  Amanda Grange had written it. I was incredibly disappointed with the novel. It dragged on for forever. It takes place after Darcy and Lizzie's wedding and throughout the whole novel I just kept saying to myself - when is it revealed that he's a vampire, when are they going to say it. with 388 pages, in the beginning it tells the trip and it's kinda boring. I kept waiting for more to happen and by the time the end occured it seemed to wrap up pretty quickly compared to the hundreds of pages I had to read to get there. i hope, i can find Mr. Darcy's Diary Book  (which is not sale in Indonesia and it's driving me crazy X_X) and treat my disappointment of this book, 

One Night Only - It's about Time

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So many new faces
Familiar places
But I found my tracks to their hearts
And all the people I already know
I hope I left with a place in their hearts
Cause they left with a place in my heart

Its about time you're back in my life
Cause I miss you honey
Its about time you're back in my sight
Cause I need you

So all of these faces
And brand new places
And a fresh start to my life
And I know where I wanna go
I'm gonna make sure I do it just right
Cause if I dont things wont feel right

Its about time you're back in my life
Cause I miss you honey
Its about time you're back in my sight
Cause I need you honey
But I dont need you honey
But I still miss you
Cause then it came so clearly
That I dont need you anymore

My best advice is to comprehend
Ditch this tention, make amends
For the new times, not old times

Its about time you're back in my life
Cause I miss you honey
Yes, Its about time you're back in my sight
Cause I need you

Currently like these ..

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1. One Night Only
      really love their songs and the Lads!!LOL XD
      my fav song is ---> it's about time. i kinda addicted to George Craig voice.. :D

George Craig - Vocals/Guitar
Jack Sails - Keyboard
Mark Hayton - Guitar
Daniel Parkin - Bass
James Craig - Drums

2. Batagor.
      feels like i want to eat it EVERYDAY!!

yumm~ooo --->

    korean idol boyband.. they all good in dancing and singing. my fav is hyun seung. Saranghae <3

4.  Cooking.
     recently cooked the best omelette ever!! but too bad i forgot the ingredients. #soundslikeme
    cook is in my blood. i got it from my grandma and my mom.. love ya!!

5. Marmut Merah Jambu- Raditya Dika's book.
    he's fucking hilarious!! ROFL.. 

    just seeing his face making me laugh soo hard!! :))